“New Hampshire is a state that is at a crossroads.  The “New Hampshire Advantage” has diminished considerably, to the point that we no longer enjoy a business climate that is better than other New England states.  We must take steps now to regain our advantage and position the state for future growth” 


Innis is a New Hampshire businessperson and professor at the University of New Hampshire, as well as a former dean of the college. He has owned two small businesses and helped to revive an historic hotel in downtown Portsmouth, creating jobs and improving the community.

Innis said, “My focus in the state senate will continue to be serving the needs of my constituents and ensuring the towns in district 24 are well represented in Concord.  With my experience in education and business, I have a deep understanding of our economy, the struggles of families and seniors, as well as the issues facing young people today.  With fiscal discipline and a focus on economic development we can restore our economic strength and position New Hampshire for a better future.”

My focus in the state senate will continue to be economic development, lower taxes, addressing veterans’ issues, combating the opioid crisis, and insuring responsible and transparent leadership in government.  


“Over the past two years I have talked with many constituents, and I am excited to continue meeting voters to discuss the issues on their minds.  It is an important time for our state, and I look forward to the opportunity to solve problems and to be a strong voice for District 24 in Concord.  There are many major issues in front of us, and I have the background and experience to think strategically and to solve problems.  I am the candidate to get the job done,” Innis said.


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