Dan Innis for NH State Senate

Dear Friends:
Last week I officially filed to run for State Senate in district 24.  I believe our state is at a crossroads and we must take steps now to ensure that we don’t lose our “New Hampshire advantage.” 
This campaign is about the constituents of District 24.  It’s about representing their needs and concerns in Concord and putting forward solutions to ensure the future prosperity of our state. 
I have been a small business owner in the hospitality industry and I know firsthand how government bureaucrats can strangle entrepreneurship with burdensome and unnecessary regulations, red tape, and taxes.  We need to stop government from getting in the way of innovation and entrepreneurship.  That is my top priority.
I am committed to winning this election and keeping the New Hampshire State Senate in Republican hands.  I promise to run a grassroots campaign, and go door to door, business to business and person to person and earn the trust and support of the citizens of District 24.  This is going to be a tough election; the Democrats have made District 24 their top priority.  I hope I can count on your help.
Please consider joining my team.  I need volunteers to help me spread my message throughout the District.
Please email me directly today and let me know that I can count on you to volunteer on my campaign, to put a sign in your lawn, or make a contribution.
Thank you for your continued friendship and support.